Galaxy Starship Superstore
Our Mission & Customer Focused Approach

At Galaxy Starship Superstore, our mission is to enhance your smoking and lifestyle experience by providing a wide range of high-quality tobacco and tobacco-related products, and unique gift items that cater to your individual preferences and style.

We are committed to fostering a welcoming, customer-focused environment that promotes responsible enjoyment, community, and personal expression.

We uphold these values in order to continue on our mission:

  • Customer-Centric Excellence: We put you, our valued customers, at the heart of everything we do. Your satisfaction and needs drive our product selection, services, and customer support.

  • Quality and Variety: We take pride in offering a curated selection of top-tier tobacco and tobacco accessories, e-cigarettes, and e-liquids. Our commitment to quality ensures that your smoking experience is always exceptional.

  • Personal Expression: We believe in the power of personal style and expression. Explore our diverse range of gift items, including apparel, signs and posters, and coffee mugs, designed to reflect your unique tastes and preferences.

  • Responsible Choices: We encourage responsible smoking habits and promote a healthy understanding of our products. Our team is here to provide information and guidance for making informed choices.

The Superstore

Galaxy Starship Superstore is the area’s favorite smoke shop, located right on DeKalb Ave. in Sycamore IL (near HyVee) since 2012! We have customers who come in from DeKalb, Sycamore, Dixon, Cortland, and the surrounding areas.